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2 Minutes Of Your Time Can Get You 50% Off Your Next Item

Hey, Bangolz Babe!

I need your help. I'm giving 50% off your next purchased item if you can record a 60-second or less video of you sharing your opinion and experience about Bangolz Boutique.


In your video, please answer the following questions:

1. Your name and IG/TikTok/Threads handle (pick one)

2. Why did you purchase from Bangolz Boutique

3. What results have you achieved with any of the store items (or if you needed an outfit for an event, work, etc), or what have you learned about clothes and Bangolz Boutique

4. What can you tell anyone who's thinking about where to shop next for business casual, church, date night, brunch, or women's leisure clothing and why they should try Bangolz


Send your video to (reply to this email) or to 412-916-0701. Please ensure your face can be seen and show any outfits and or accessories you have now.


If you're too shy, I understand! You can still help me by completing a feedback form and receiving 25% off your next item.

Your words good, bad, or indifferent, will aid me in providing better clothing, products, and service!


By submitting a video, you agree and understand that your video will be used for promotional purposes that are solely for the use of Deanna Dias LLC and Bangolz Boutique LLC. Your likeness or information will not be sold or used in a malicious way.

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